Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Uran And Back ALONE... Sounds Fun!!!

It was a very important decision for me to make. I had to choose between birds and friends. Well, I thought since I meet my friends regularly lets so meet the friends who have arrived migrating from other regions. Well, It was A sunday it all happened... I had pre planned to go bird watching to Uran With W.C.N.C members. I thought lets go ...So i woke up at around 4.30.. and met these people at dadar by 6. First time in my life, I was on time! :) I was really charged up in the morning as we took a Bus from Dadar to Uran. We were 11 of us and all were a mixed group who had come for birdwatching.
We were in the Super luxurious vibrator bus which never stopped moving and giving us pains whenever we tried resting ourselves on its seats. We were almost there... Till then we realised.. We Had almost been there and we skipped 2 stops from the point where we were about to stop. Hmm.. We had to walk back a long way so we geared up! Ha HA.. you think so.We had come for bird watching. The place where the bus left us also made sure we would see stick around there... Cause we saw a lot of birds. Right from the Famous COMMON CROW to Kingfisher, Herons, Red Vented Bulbul, Koyals, Magpie Robin and so on! The spot was so engaging we forgot we had a long way to make. I was really Hesitant of moving on from that place. The weather was perfect and the soft bright light was Sparkingly amusing for me ...I guess that's why the birds loved to be there... To say the Sun Hi ...Well, I was in the mood for having fun. We reached JNPT the place where we would apparently bird watch.. But we were at the wrong place... From one bus to another, we reached the state highway and were left stranded with out any birdig sights. We couldn't even ask anyone around cause there was no one around. Poof, There goes our birding down the drain. All of a sudden we see herds of flamingoes a little far away from where we stood. We couldn't go there. So we thought of going to a bus stop ... But , no one knew where it was...! Well, then what?

LIFT... Few of us stood in front of the vehicles on the highway for lift..Thankfully, A Mahindra PIK-up Truck picked us up and we all were happpppy...! It was fun taking a lift and on the road on your own. I felt liberated and free... As the wind was getting stronger my Heavy thoughts flew away and my head was empty.. I was high on life. We reached a bus stop.. Had GARAM ELAICHI CHAI. It was yummy. Till the time we decided what to do now? we saw a bus going to Panvel Which would take us to Karnala which has a bird sanctuary + trekking Free!!! Hmm sounded great. WE skipped the plan of birding at uran. Took The 3rd bus now.. I was sitting in the cabin near the driver's seat. It was fun again. I could see the Road lines going underneath the bus as it caught up speed! I Didn't know why, but i was extremely happy about life. Got all my positive energy back and i was fullly loaded to explore on my own. Well, couldn't do that then. When we reached Panvel Due to some reasons i had to head back home. So i caught a Bus to dadar from there. Few from the group came to drop me. And i was on my own. The whole bus journey made me realise i did all this ie: changed 3-4 buses, caught a train, saw birds, walked , hitchiked in just a matter of 4 hours. SOmething struck me...
I asked my self i can do so much in the given little time Why was i wasting it on doing something i don't want to. Well, Then i realised times never a problem for not doing work ITs your mind. You should always have a healthy mind to do any kind of work.
Let it be anything! I just loved the whole journey back cause i caught up on myself...
And i spotted Yet another ... COMMON CROW! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Candle MARCH in December!!!

It's just been so long I feel that I haven't really gone out done something which makes me feel good. I had been to the peace rally on 3rd dec. Me along with my friends had put up a rally ... we walked from my college ie; Wilson college to the Gateway of India . It was kind of unusual and not so regular , this time we took a pluck card it said "one month from now, would you still CARE?"
That's it. It was more than enough to carry one ! It created a huge reaction! People on going used to just look at it and make an expression of they know what'll happen... We walked quitely and a few were discussing the whole issue of politics and leaders and all that. I am never into these conversations , I prefer walking by and observing the peoples expression. For the first time I saw Marine Drive's path empty, not literally, there were people sitting but not to a large extent. We walked and walked , each one of us was searching for some seriousnes... SERIOUS seriousness.
We reached the gateway but couldn't go there! There were herds of people around and the whole way was blocked. We first met Anand who gave us these pamphlets to distribute. It was about getting the reaction converted into a thought .. process it and then into an action.
Many people react in a very angrered way, the aim was not to get angry and talk about other faults. It was to respond to what's happening around. The candle march seemed to be a huge success. There were many kinds of people. Many like me ... many who were aggressive , obnoxious, angry, peace loving, demanding... Overall, every single step that I took towards the GATEWAY, the motive behind walking for it was changing. There were groups of people who blamed other countries and all , it was Harsh and real ugly. Few rallies wanted to make peace and all that, a few wanted re - ellection and a new leader, few wanted justice. All were there, screaming out loud and yelling on top of their voices, a few had just come to see the crowd!
Well, we walked in groups of 4 and I got seperated from my group. I got done with my work so I decided to walk back and there I saw the Pluck card which We had carried. Disha was holding that in betweent he road and I realised that was simply amazing. I deciced to join Disha and Vallari... the three of us just stood there holding the card and without and expression. Ongoing people were giving it a look, they read it... " one month from now, would you still care?"
A few responded positively and a few faced the truht by simply nodding their heads.
It started getting chaotic so we decided to leave.The card had its own purpose to be seen so we stood on the footpath opposite REGAL and stood there. The response was AMAZING. Many came clicked a picture of it , few people actually stood by and talked to us about the matter!!!
I never really got the whole idea behind the Peace March because, firstly, what was happening there was not peace for sure. And, no one actually wanted peace. Everyone just wanted to be a part of it!
The whole rally was responseful but some how meaning and motive coudln't be found.
I guess, it got lost somewhere...
Somewhere in between the Crowd !!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

no sleepy no more!

Last night I slept a little early compared to other nights , I slept at 12! I was trying to get some sleep simply because I have my college the next day and I didn't intend to bunk it simply cause these days I just love going to college. Its a new place for me (considering my attendance is low and gotta attend to be admitted , lol!) and I LOVE the atmosphere. Anyway, so I went off to sleep set an alarm at 6 and z z z z zz zz z...
phew... I woke up and realized I have late lectures so I thought I'd go back to sleep. Closed my eyes. They opened! I was too tired from my cycling trail yesterday. Wondered if my legs and body wanted to rest. I could feel the tired legs but still I just couldn't go off to sleep . So I thought of a better idea. Early morning dosage of the Hole in the wall which has WINDOWS( my pc)! I turned it on and was just going through these social websites and its actually funny to look at a few profiles ! LOL... I am gone mad in the morning maybe I am morning high! But, i simply couldn't stop laughing!
that's the way my life wants to give me laughter.... A compulsary laughter!
Then I suddenly looked out of my window and there were 2 sparrows on my grill ...SO cute I looked at them! They were cuddling , I though they were cuddling instead they were fighting! DAmn these birds also fight!?!
I never thought of a reason why birds fight-for food -yes! but neither of them had anything!
anyway... it wasnt entertaining me, so i shooed them away! :)
And started blogging!

I love to experience!!!

There's something about the forests that I love. I don't really like the whole idea of sleeping during holidays like a Sunday! I like spending it in doing something my way. I love the idea of something new everyday. Something so unique that you want to share it only with a few people . That idea was Exploring the forests. It's not that everyday you get a chance to spot birds like drongos, horn bills etc or insects , reptiles, animals...!
And every time you get into jungle its not the same .. its always DIFFERENT!
After coming back from anna malai trek with Wilson College Nature Club (w.c.n.c) I was high on forest and still am! so much that one of my friends and I thought of going for weekly cycle trails to SGNP (Sanjay Gandhi National Park) in Borivali (E).
We started renting cycles from dahisar and cycled on high way! that road makes you high. When we went the forst time, many people backed out , but , still we went on .. we were 6 and had the time of our lives. Though we didn't finish the trail a few people got tired and all we decided to halt and go back. That was one weekly trail!
The coming week was a little tipsy because of national reasons. Still my friend Ryan calls me and asks me if I wanted to cycle and I said "yes!!!" we asked people and this time many came. We were 7 now, we cycled around 18 kms in total. Experienced a lot ... like Break...
I was riding my cycle slowly was accompanied by a new friend! He used to stop every 5minutes and show me a different spider or a butterfly. I was facinated! I was happy ! While we stopped and rode the others were way too ahead. They waited for us. We took a break and then Ryan and Vallari went back to their homes. 7-2 = u do the math!
we were 5 and all were charged up! started cycling and then it got a little tougher. There were too many high slopes. The rented cycles gave up so we got off and decided to take them for a walk. The slopes got steeper and we were all poof tired! Finally we managed to reach the caves. We decided to lunch there. All exhausted that we were drank water like a camel ! Aditya (one of the 5) invented Dip - Dip HIDE n SEEk... melted cadbusy as a dip and biscuits with it. It was awesome! We now planned to go back cause a few were running late so we headed back. The rented cycles which were resting had to be unlocked. We managed to get 4 cycles unlocked. The 5th just wasn't ready to work. We tried breaking the lock and oiled it. The lock didn't really move ... The key was twisted .. somehow aditya did some trick and it got unlocked! We headed to leave. I was as usual last enjoying . The moment we got onto the slope which was steeping downwards I reached onto my breaks...
They weren't working, here I am cycling down a steep slope downwards and the speed of the cycle is like 50-55 kms/hr. And its a long slope. it just doesn't end. KHUDH... KHUDH.. my cycle was going and my bum died... it was hurting by now. somehow the distance that took us one hour got done in 5 mins, so we relaxed. As I slowed down i heard Sagar saying, "sadhvi wait!!!". I waited and I saw a flat tyre. We walked it up... Met the rest of the gang and continued.We had a great conversation and a great walk.
This is what you call EXPERIENCE. That's why I'd tell you, always hire cycles... Its much fun!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

click has to say this!!!

these are a few pics that CLICK seemed to like and thus want to present it on the blog!
sit back and enjoy!

spread smiles...

Sounds familiar? I know its from someone great "me". Fine! I won't brag... the point being i am just being plain positive cause people aren't!
well, you see I happen to stay in mumbai which is temporarily attacked by the terrorists. It's nothing new for the country but only cause its MUMBAI its hyped overly. I mean news channels are ridiculous, they are trying to be the spokesperson for the whole situation, i mean , really! give me a break!
Some media channel put up their conversation with the terrorist on air /live.ARE the insane? and now the claim that the TERRORISTS want tons of things which ain't possible (that's the reason why terrorists are for, they demand something hypothetical so that they can destroy you cause in the end you can't really fulfill these demands!) so then they strike you back.
The whole situation in mumbai seems to be very funy!
I have faith in the mumbai police and know they'll do justice, but I am fearing one thing media going and talking upto them and telling them that they are inefficient!
(can't even say that now.. I'll have to be specific).
anyway.. the point being, at stage when everyone is all panicked and NEWStruck i am sitting here and blogging!
well, that's one powerful thing i can do ...another thing i am doing... :)
smiling! cos that eases me whenever the city and me is tensed!
that's the way terrorists WON'T shoot you when you smile at them!

What do i always think of?

I usually never think, but, if I think ... I end up putting a question mrk on my face or the people's face!
They call it weird , i call it THOUGHTS!
What's wrong in thinking that the world looks round upside down?
And i didn't know who Benazir Bhutto was!?!(now I do)
The whole point of one can't survive without knowledge is BULLSHIT! I think it's just exaggerated!
well, I see many people looking at me when they talk about the American - Iraq war or Obama and his presidential shit! what happens neXT!!!
i mean seriously, u really think sitting at one end of the corner i will worry about the whole war and president shit happening?
its all cause of media!
i am a media student! and all i get to know is how one should glamorize the de-glamorized world and how to UNDO it later!
That's the truth! It's all cause of media that i think! media makes it big and then talks about it.. hypes it and then degrades it with its own conclusion! i mean seriously, who and why are we the target... cos... its not entertainment for us but for the media to see the people reacting in a certain way which makes them feel like god!
Phew... i can't talk much cause! my brain just fell out... realised i shouldn't be thinking so much!
i LOve my life and have some issues to sort of my own...
well... jokes a better option for me! ;)


Q: How do you ask a woman not to count?
Ans: Simply tell her "tu NAA-GIN".

Q:What's the winter collection in India called?
Ans: The "Winter - WHERE" collection!

Q: Who will come if I scream?
Ans: Ice-CREAM truck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

something funyy!

Here are all my compilations of jokes that I have created!
DISCLAIMER: I am solely not responsible. Surroundings affect me and my brains! i hurt my knee!

Q: Where would you take a bus for its shinning and spark?
Ans: GLO(w)BUS!

Q: Which stores would sell you pants in which you can PEE?
Ans: Panta-LOOns!!!

Q: What brand would a bengali cat wear in general?
Ans: Billa-BONG

to be continued!!!

LIMITS and ETHICS... come again?

I don't really know why am i talking to you!
But all i know is you know what i have been through.
after all you were a part of me and now you aren't!
it's a bad thing , but , you see that's natural!
when i eat food, you are never there... once i am done you start bothering me!
specially when i am around tons of people. what happens to you when you and i are all alone... you are a part of me and so am i your creator. then y such a big difference!
i cant even introduce you to my friends cause they are ashamed of you!
they so don't want to see you for who and what your are!
but anyway... no complaints..
next time, don't gimme a pain which i have to suffer from.
i can't even sit at times. you are different everytime you say bye bye to me!
so heres it again! a Final bye!
shitty bye to YOU!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


i never really gave it a thought how amazing it can be when you spend so many days out side a city to a place you never really thought can be so beautiful in spite of the luxuries excluded from your life. that was not the first time for me though. i have camped all my life and will continue doing so. But, when i saw so many people trekking down to south india, i was really wondering... people die for life without luxuruies. its perhaps the way a man wants to live ... just by himself. luxuries make a man's life difficult and acts as a block..
i recently, went for a trek to south india.. so many innumberable places i couldn't have thought of. dense huge trees and evergreen forests. colorful n humungus animals of all kinds... i felt like i was the largest and the smallest creation looking at many different places. it was amazinG.. i cant really explain. its all being there and experiencing. no one can take that part of my life from me.. i chose to have a life like that ,without luxuries like i pods, cellphones, videos ,internetetc. trust me... i found my self!!! i was back to who i am... i didn't even think of anything other than the world surrounding me...!!! i just want to go back to the place and say... hi! am here again!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I can just go on and on in my own little weird n wired world... This world to me is very funny...that's how I percieve it as. There may be a lot of serious things happening around but frankly am least bothered or rather affected. I know people tell me to get sersious and u know try and take things in a mautre way... but when I start thinking I wonder... WhY is it so that you have to be serious? Whats the use of being sersious.. there are millions and millions of other peope who wory bout tons of things ... Let it be the string not going into the needle or the bomb exploding around the globe. Nothings affected me ... I am like a stone... or rather I define my self as WATER. Yes... I flow wherever there is way. Where there is a will there's a way.. ofcourse .. if there's a WILLthen i stay cause I' ll be rich if I am mentioned... Anyway point being i just discivered my self and recognised tat m water... clear with what I think and though people think I am still.. but you know ... still water runs deep... n yes... YOU may find it funny... to accept me being deep... but wat the hell. I think I am deep...!!! I mean yes I know I am Sadhvi and not deep but still...
Anyway... his keeps going on and on... till anyone stops me, which is impossible.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the normal stuff continues

this is how i try focussing and i lose it again...

Funny thing always crosses my mind.

If the chicken has two legs how come the egg has none...?

hmm... that's when i tell my self...STOP THINKING! I Can't THink Better than this.I just have to kill my neighbour for showing me the egg and making me think aout the chicken and legs.

hmmmm... well, it keeps on happening to me and somehow I fail to understand why do I come up with such stupid thoughts. Why can't think about serious stuff like news, politics and all?

Then , when my brain starts thinking "ok enough of those white kurta ugly fat men who just blabber without using there brains. All they think of is 'How do i get the bloddy junta to vote for myt party so that i can bloody go out and party with the chicks.' see i tell u these politicians have a one track mind!"

Then there' are the chicks again...

Those neat skinny chicks the human kind am talking about.Yes, what's with the kind of clothes, i mean, it always has to be made by a gay designer who loves to do nothing but interviews about what kind of materials he used or rather the kinds of animal sacrifice done by him.The designer then talks about his ultimate dream that he wants to be happy and help the society and nature by making these minimal clothes. Talking of which, minimal clothing is neccessary these days. With the summer coming up, its getting too hot in mumbai.With all the traffic and the pollution rising we can definately get hard boiled eggs when you go to buy eggs from your nearest dukaanwala who provides you all the 'ghar ka rashaan'!

Well, i don't have much of an ideeeeyuh about the rashaan that is delieverd to my house , but i do know about the ROSHANs who have nothing to do.They earn ther Rupaiyyaas by making their son Hrithik Roshan JUMP& DANCE... NOT to forget, Hrithik gets to do all the dhishoom -dhishoom with the Evil uncles and he merely gets a scratch...! Wow.. i wish i had a power like him But, then all of this is in the movies...! It's not true...Or is it??? hmmmmm!!! wel... wondering !! n putting my brains back to thinking...Which reminds me ...after writing so much i still didn't get the answer of Why does the chicken have legs but the Eggs have none???

Well, the chicks are pretty much happy that they don't get to make eggs or any kinds cause the eggs might just break their manicured nails and might just do something to their hands... Then , the supermodels with all their nakharas that they won't have food because it keeps them alive and fat. Then they Become MORe skinny than they were before .This leads to clothes not fitting them. Still they become adamant to wear them and walk the ramp which leads to wardrobe malfunction . Du'h but it's obvious if the skinny models don't eat anything and go on a no food diet the clothes can't stay for a long time on them! thus, there is wardrobe malfunction which is all blamed to the style and quality of the 'kapada' which is extremely pricy and delicate. The gay designer is blamed for not stiching it rightly. Then, he goes all 'buaaaaaaaaaah' and then the supermodels family goes'buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahh aaaaaa haaaa'! I tell you, if this keeps happeining how is everything going to function? Imean , no models -no fashion show.

No Fashion show -No Angrezi Firangi

No firangis - No 'Welcome to India'

No Welcome to India - Who the hell is going to donate for us?

No donation - no nation!

Then india's freee with no politician!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

click's vision

adventures of click and sads

hey there
i am now looking forward to write something on this blog since i am not a very good writer thinking of giving it a try
well, i usually am into travelling and hiking
I love to explore the unexplored
i recently was on a trip to many places here's what i found and i thought is good
let me know if you agree with it