Thursday, January 21, 2010

This night made it here!

We had gone clubbing Wednesday night to Prive.
We were 8 people out of which 2 of my girlfriends got kicked out of the club. Needless to say I had to be the mother and drop them home, now these two girls are Vidushi and Dazy.
None of them had an idea of how heavy and a pain in the ass (respectively) they were.
A night full of puke, taxi rides, broke ass-ness, friendship, terrace moments,ALMOST getting locked out,ALMOST kicked out etc.
Dazy was a pain in the ass, vidushi was sloshed... and stonned! & Neha was getting free drinks from strangers.
Yeah, Neha got free drinks and got drunk for free and the she made friends with a Shemale who got her weed!!! Neha got so high that she refused talking to me cause I left her at the club to drop these two girls off to vidushi's house.Needless to say, took a lot of time to convince her; somehow sorted.But after dropping these drunk asses; Neha, abhishek and I went to vidushi's building terrace.
It was beautiful till the time Dazy scared us by walking like a zombie and giving her surprise visit.That night, Abhishek and I were the caretakers. I dropped her back down and came back.

So on the terrace, the three of us (Neha, Abhishek and I) were pretty much having fun. The tank of the terrace was amusing and had a great view. We sat there and talked for hours till we got cold. We smoked all the cigarettes left to keep ourselves warm. Couldn't go to Vidushi's house cause its too small to fit us in and we can't sleep there. Also, Dazy would be awake and would trouble us all over again.
HUNGRY, THIRSTY and SLEEPY we sat on the terrace and wondered... shared our weird experiences and let the time pass by.
Soon, we realized we couldn't do that for long as it began to get colder. So we had to go back to vidushi's. We went. Neha found a tiny little bathroom rug that was furry and slept on it with a blanket on her.
Dazy and Vidushi were on the single bed leaving Abhishek and I a tiny place between the laundry bag and the shoe rack.
We slept and woke up. Abhishek gone. Vidushi woke up not remembering a single moment of previous night's. Again, Dazy woke up and became sweet. Neha and I left from there. We got into the train. We thought this was it.
But no.
Destiny Oh Fucking Destiny...
The train ride was in fact a roller coaster ride.
We ended up in the Tc office, station master's office, Andheri Station, Vile parle Station and back to Andheri station...

To be cont...