Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the normal stuff continues

this is how i try focussing and i lose it again...

Funny thing always crosses my mind.

If the chicken has two legs how come the egg has none...?

hmm... that's when i tell my self...STOP THINKING! I Can't THink Better than this.I just have to kill my neighbour for showing me the egg and making me think aout the chicken and legs.

hmmmm... well, it keeps on happening to me and somehow I fail to understand why do I come up with such stupid thoughts. Why can't think about serious stuff like news, politics and all?

Then , when my brain starts thinking "ok enough of those white kurta ugly fat men who just blabber without using there brains. All they think of is 'How do i get the bloddy junta to vote for myt party so that i can bloody go out and party with the chicks.' see i tell u these politicians have a one track mind!"

Then there' are the chicks again...

Those neat skinny chicks the human kind am talking about.Yes, what's with the kind of clothes, i mean, it always has to be made by a gay designer who loves to do nothing but interviews about what kind of materials he used or rather the kinds of animal sacrifice done by him.The designer then talks about his ultimate dream that he wants to be happy and help the society and nature by making these minimal clothes. Talking of which, minimal clothing is neccessary these days. With the summer coming up, its getting too hot in mumbai.With all the traffic and the pollution rising we can definately get hard boiled eggs when you go to buy eggs from your nearest dukaanwala who provides you all the 'ghar ka rashaan'!

Well, i don't have much of an ideeeeyuh about the rashaan that is delieverd to my house , but i do know about the ROSHANs who have nothing to do.They earn ther Rupaiyyaas by making their son Hrithik Roshan JUMP& DANCE... NOT to forget, Hrithik gets to do all the dhishoom -dhishoom with the Evil uncles and he merely gets a scratch...! Wow.. i wish i had a power like him But, then all of this is in the movies...! It's not true...Or is it??? hmmmmm!!! wel... wondering !! n putting my brains back to thinking...Which reminds me ...after writing so much i still didn't get the answer of Why does the chicken have legs but the Eggs have none???

Well, the chicks are pretty much happy that they don't get to make eggs or any kinds cause the eggs might just break their manicured nails and might just do something to their hands... Then , the supermodels with all their nakharas that they won't have food because it keeps them alive and fat. Then they Become MORe skinny than they were before .This leads to clothes not fitting them. Still they become adamant to wear them and walk the ramp which leads to wardrobe malfunction . Du'h but it's obvious if the skinny models don't eat anything and go on a no food diet the clothes can't stay for a long time on them! thus, there is wardrobe malfunction which is all blamed to the style and quality of the 'kapada' which is extremely pricy and delicate. The gay designer is blamed for not stiching it rightly. Then, he goes all 'buaaaaaaaaaah' and then the supermodels family goes'buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahh aaaaaa haaaa'! I tell you, if this keeps happeining how is everything going to function? Imean , no models -no fashion show.

No Fashion show -No Angrezi Firangi

No firangis - No 'Welcome to India'

No Welcome to India - Who the hell is going to donate for us?

No donation - no nation!

Then india's freee with no politician!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

click's vision

adventures of click and sads

hey there
i am now looking forward to write something on this blog since i am not a very good writer thinking of giving it a try
well, i usually am into travelling and hiking
I love to explore the unexplored
i recently was on a trip to many places here's what i found and i thought is good
let me know if you agree with it