Thursday, July 17, 2008


I can just go on and on in my own little weird n wired world... This world to me is very funny...that's how I percieve it as. There may be a lot of serious things happening around but frankly am least bothered or rather affected. I know people tell me to get sersious and u know try and take things in a mautre way... but when I start thinking I wonder... WhY is it so that you have to be serious? Whats the use of being sersious.. there are millions and millions of other peope who wory bout tons of things ... Let it be the string not going into the needle or the bomb exploding around the globe. Nothings affected me ... I am like a stone... or rather I define my self as WATER. Yes... I flow wherever there is way. Where there is a will there's a way.. ofcourse .. if there's a WILLthen i stay cause I' ll be rich if I am mentioned... Anyway point being i just discivered my self and recognised tat m water... clear with what I think and though people think I am still.. but you know ... still water runs deep... n yes... YOU may find it funny... to accept me being deep... but wat the hell. I think I am deep...!!! I mean yes I know I am Sadhvi and not deep but still...
Anyway... his keeps going on and on... till anyone stops me, which is impossible.