Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There's no shame in admitting. Though I maybe wrong in the future.. but it's to come later. Maybe it does come. anyway. Point being AM in LOVe and I love it.
You're the best. You complete me. I am blogging about you, that's how crazy I am . I am high on you. Do you know what's the best part about US?
We're both in love ... and the cutest part is that we are in love with eachother. It is a rare feeling. I know this maybe not forever, there's no say to it. Future always puts us in a big SITUATION, for the first time, I can see it in your eyes what I want to see which is what you want to show. I love You. I love fighting, I love arguing, I love doing silly things, I love saying Silly things. I love crying about you, I love complaining to you. I LISTENING to yOU. You are my power. you are my soul and you complete me . I love your stupid scroll wax that makes you look coooler (thats what you think)
I love you saying YES and then saying NO. I love morning dates I love evening dates. EVery drive is worth the ride. Every food and movie is all What WE DESERVE. We made it. We are making it. They call it love. I call it US ...
someday they'll make a statue of us and put it on a mountain top. YEayy..! before that I wanna Do a lot of things for us.. TRAVEL - like going to places where We wanted to be. you wanted to be and I wanted to be. EAT - the food what you love i love .. SLEEP & EXPLORE...!

I wanna grow old with you.
They maybe just lines. But I mean it all. They are all coming from the bottom and top of my heart which is yours...! <3

love you forever....
Dont make me regret this.
Muaaaaaaah and HUGS