Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, it's actually thought of everyday but always back in my minds and yours.
LIFE as we know comes to an end.
We know that You are an 'I' and 'Me' in this life.
I live everyday.
I laugh.
I cry.
I smile.
I beg.
I breathe.
I want.
I need.
I love.
I hate.
I have.
I give.
There are many more things. In this process, I forget that I live alone.
Fine, that we all have parents, friends, families and strangers but again, when I was born I never had these things with me.
It's just funny to think that all what we do is to entertain ourselves and nothing more than that.
Centuries and even before that, when 'FIRE' was invented... all what man could think was of rubbing stones for entertainment.
I mean, he got bored of striking the stone so hard and in numeral times that Fire got invented. That's when the other APE - MEN thought of doing something else.
Well, look what that lead to.
All thanks to them that I am blogging about it and you are actually reading this.
But I again don't know what was I thinking of when I began typing this.
Anyway.. all the thinking and writing and inventions and creations that we do is to
JUST FILL OUR LIVES till we come to an end.
I mean... It's again another Time pass or to fulfill our emptiness.

but hey, that doesn't mean that we give up hopes and stop living our life.
Since we were born to entertain, I think we should stick up to it and
get the best of what we can... I can. :)