Thursday, August 13, 2009

Radio Stalking

It's nothing new for me to travel the Indian Railways... I do it everyday. I spend 3 hours on a regular basis when I have to go to college. It's somehow unusual for me to listen to radio though. I always have my tiny music player that keeps me happy everyday. I just can't live without listening to music. I need those beautiful compositions made my these wonderful and talented people all around the world. Somehow, one day, the battery went flat as I had not charged my player.So I thought of connecting my earphones to my cell phone. I was in a mood of some desi beats.. So I tuned into some radio channel. I was happy for the fact that there was my favoriate movie soundtrack playing.So I thought of sticking to the radiochannel. I was also happy to get a window seat in the train. The wind is finely making its way through the metal grill and kissing my face. I am loving it. I just wished the train was empty so that I could dance to my favouriate tunes.
All of a sudden, I saw a girl who's around my age..Let's say 20 or so.. who's sitting in front of me. I saw her lip syncing to a song. Oh My God.. It was the same song that I was listening to. It was unusual for me. Normally, I haven't ever thought of someone listening to some music that I listen to when there are like so many other channels. Anyway, I was in my own world.
The song got over and Ads hanuted the radio channel. It gets a little irritating when you want to listen to some music and you get people talking to you over the radio asking you to buy some kind of useless stuff. Considering, I am a massmedia student, its my responsibilty to actually study these ads. Who cares.. At times, I want to do what I want to. So I changed the channel. Got hold of someother song.Precisely then, I saw the girl humming and singing the same song I was listening to. It was freaky. So I thought of changing it. AGAIN.. She changed the channel, it was like she could go through my radio channels and wanted to listen to what I was listening to. She looked at me once.. and smiled.. Hehe. ok. now.. I was like What is this girl upto. She was listening to exact same songs I was listening to.
Does this ever happen?
It just took me by surprise. I was a fun time. I was amused so I played like a tiny game of lets guess what she's listening to and what Channel am I on.. So now I started Radio Stalking her. It kept me busy. It's fun. One should do this sometimes...
It's FUN!

Ting Ting Ti-Ding...

Just because I'm losing, Doesn't mean I am lost...
I just love the way this song goes about. I was not a fan of Coldplay until this song got into me... Coldplay is awesome. There's something about the band, just like anyother fan of the band would agree to me. I don't know why but whenever I listen to the songs by this gorgeous band, I just feel like my life is complete. I get a ray of light. This song really does mean a lot to me. Whenever I feel low, I listen to all kinds of music. My music player is always on random mode, but somehow, this song always makes an appearance. I just love listening to it.
Even YELLOW, it's soo damn good. Oh I wish, sometimes, I had Coldplay in my pocket, I could ask them to play these songs for me anytime.
I don't know why am I typing all of this. But I just feel good. It's never that I am so depressed. I just get the motivation to do something. This time I felt like putting it down on this virtual wall, where I could just express and make others feel the same way.
This is just like a tribute to them.
So, Coldplay.. Here you go..
Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you...!
I always have a smile on my face. Right now, I am SMILING...