Saturday, April 21, 2012

Missing Shimla!

More than a place, I miss that one friend who I used to hang out with ! The one who I never had to talk much & converse more. It's just the life as its going, that friend has faded out of my life. She's still here.. miss her.. but.. yes I am stupid enough to not make that effort as I no longer feel the need to be the first line of the blog.
God knows why. A little confused like you.. A little messed up like you!
I miss traveling! One thing I love to do is something I have no time for... that is where my dilemma lies!
but yes! I miss Shimla...

Saturday Tweets!

As of now there's nothing much to say! Yawning!
I want to dance but no on house! On dhinchaak bollywood music! some raapchik one!

My colleagues are currently clicking pictures of each other & having fun! I want tooo!!!
But yes!!! Twitter has bettered my life! I hate reading news papers! So.. Twitter is it! :) My daily dose!
Need to go now!
Don't know when I ll be back writing! Hopefully soon. :)
Hope you have a great Saturday night!