Sunday, December 28, 2008

To Uran And Back ALONE... Sounds Fun!!!

It was a very important decision for me to make. I had to choose between birds and friends. Well, I thought since I meet my friends regularly lets so meet the friends who have arrived migrating from other regions. Well, It was A sunday it all happened... I had pre planned to go bird watching to Uran With W.C.N.C members. I thought lets go ...So i woke up at around 4.30.. and met these people at dadar by 6. First time in my life, I was on time! :) I was really charged up in the morning as we took a Bus from Dadar to Uran. We were 11 of us and all were a mixed group who had come for birdwatching.
We were in the Super luxurious vibrator bus which never stopped moving and giving us pains whenever we tried resting ourselves on its seats. We were almost there... Till then we realised.. We Had almost been there and we skipped 2 stops from the point where we were about to stop. Hmm.. We had to walk back a long way so we geared up! Ha HA.. you think so.We had come for bird watching. The place where the bus left us also made sure we would see stick around there... Cause we saw a lot of birds. Right from the Famous COMMON CROW to Kingfisher, Herons, Red Vented Bulbul, Koyals, Magpie Robin and so on! The spot was so engaging we forgot we had a long way to make. I was really Hesitant of moving on from that place. The weather was perfect and the soft bright light was Sparkingly amusing for me ...I guess that's why the birds loved to be there... To say the Sun Hi ...Well, I was in the mood for having fun. We reached JNPT the place where we would apparently bird watch.. But we were at the wrong place... From one bus to another, we reached the state highway and were left stranded with out any birdig sights. We couldn't even ask anyone around cause there was no one around. Poof, There goes our birding down the drain. All of a sudden we see herds of flamingoes a little far away from where we stood. We couldn't go there. So we thought of going to a bus stop ... But , no one knew where it was...! Well, then what?

LIFT... Few of us stood in front of the vehicles on the highway for lift..Thankfully, A Mahindra PIK-up Truck picked us up and we all were happpppy...! It was fun taking a lift and on the road on your own. I felt liberated and free... As the wind was getting stronger my Heavy thoughts flew away and my head was empty.. I was high on life. We reached a bus stop.. Had GARAM ELAICHI CHAI. It was yummy. Till the time we decided what to do now? we saw a bus going to Panvel Which would take us to Karnala which has a bird sanctuary + trekking Free!!! Hmm sounded great. WE skipped the plan of birding at uran. Took The 3rd bus now.. I was sitting in the cabin near the driver's seat. It was fun again. I could see the Road lines going underneath the bus as it caught up speed! I Didn't know why, but i was extremely happy about life. Got all my positive energy back and i was fullly loaded to explore on my own. Well, couldn't do that then. When we reached Panvel Due to some reasons i had to head back home. So i caught a Bus to dadar from there. Few from the group came to drop me. And i was on my own. The whole bus journey made me realise i did all this ie: changed 3-4 buses, caught a train, saw birds, walked , hitchiked in just a matter of 4 hours. SOmething struck me...
I asked my self i can do so much in the given little time Why was i wasting it on doing something i don't want to. Well, Then i realised times never a problem for not doing work ITs your mind. You should always have a healthy mind to do any kind of work.
Let it be anything! I just loved the whole journey back cause i caught up on myself...
And i spotted Yet another ... COMMON CROW! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Candle MARCH in December!!!

It's just been so long I feel that I haven't really gone out done something which makes me feel good. I had been to the peace rally on 3rd dec. Me along with my friends had put up a rally ... we walked from my college ie; Wilson college to the Gateway of India . It was kind of unusual and not so regular , this time we took a pluck card it said "one month from now, would you still CARE?"
That's it. It was more than enough to carry one ! It created a huge reaction! People on going used to just look at it and make an expression of they know what'll happen... We walked quitely and a few were discussing the whole issue of politics and leaders and all that. I am never into these conversations , I prefer walking by and observing the peoples expression. For the first time I saw Marine Drive's path empty, not literally, there were people sitting but not to a large extent. We walked and walked , each one of us was searching for some seriousnes... SERIOUS seriousness.
We reached the gateway but couldn't go there! There were herds of people around and the whole way was blocked. We first met Anand who gave us these pamphlets to distribute. It was about getting the reaction converted into a thought .. process it and then into an action.
Many people react in a very angrered way, the aim was not to get angry and talk about other faults. It was to respond to what's happening around. The candle march seemed to be a huge success. There were many kinds of people. Many like me ... many who were aggressive , obnoxious, angry, peace loving, demanding... Overall, every single step that I took towards the GATEWAY, the motive behind walking for it was changing. There were groups of people who blamed other countries and all , it was Harsh and real ugly. Few rallies wanted to make peace and all that, a few wanted re - ellection and a new leader, few wanted justice. All were there, screaming out loud and yelling on top of their voices, a few had just come to see the crowd!
Well, we walked in groups of 4 and I got seperated from my group. I got done with my work so I decided to walk back and there I saw the Pluck card which We had carried. Disha was holding that in betweent he road and I realised that was simply amazing. I deciced to join Disha and Vallari... the three of us just stood there holding the card and without and expression. Ongoing people were giving it a look, they read it... " one month from now, would you still care?"
A few responded positively and a few faced the truht by simply nodding their heads.
It started getting chaotic so we decided to leave.The card had its own purpose to be seen so we stood on the footpath opposite REGAL and stood there. The response was AMAZING. Many came clicked a picture of it , few people actually stood by and talked to us about the matter!!!
I never really got the whole idea behind the Peace March because, firstly, what was happening there was not peace for sure. And, no one actually wanted peace. Everyone just wanted to be a part of it!
The whole rally was responseful but some how meaning and motive coudln't be found.
I guess, it got lost somewhere...
Somewhere in between the Crowd !!!